Whole Foods Market London

We never thought we would miss Whole Foods so much. When we learned London had the market in her brilliant city, we awaited the visit. Before heading out to Wiltshire, we went grocery shopping for our little trip. We were impressed with some of the Whole Foods in L.A., but let me tell you, the Whole Foods in West Kensington wowed us. We were in heaven, giddy with our food options. This is why I decided it’s worth a post to share how amazing the store was, especially for other Whole Food lovers from the states.


We were supposed to be quick, shop, eat, and hit the road. Instead, we spent nearly three hours because we perused every aisle of the large store. Really, we did. Ten feet into the store and we were going nuts with our raw options and vegan delights. And if you’re a fan of Whole Foods’ hot bar, well, aside from that, they have an awesome food court upstairs.

See the different food options?

See the different food options?

The selection was quite impressive, and they even have a raw and vegan restaurant, SAF, upstairs which we bought a bunch of food to-go. The quality and selection of different foods were tempting, but we went for SAF and visited the juice and smoothie bar.

Noodles and Curry at Wok Noodle.

Noodles and Curry at Wok Street.

Grabbed one for the road. Yum.

Grabbed one for the road. Yum.

We did ourselves in and went big with our purchase, buying more than enough food for our trip that we were asked by the cashier if it was for delivery. Yes, they do home deliveries — so awesome!

The only regret we had leaving was that Nick should have bought his own vegan banana muffin. We shared and it was not enough. I highly recommend the muffin if you’re visiting. It’s so yummy. Though, I’m sure you will take delight in all they have to offer. It really is the best Whole Foods we’ve visited.



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