Down To Earth


The Down To Earth organic vegetarian and vegan café is a real treat. The place has a good selection of vegan and raw food, and we took delight in our first meal there. We both ordered a raw pizza: mixed seeds and herb crust with sun-dried passata, cashew cheese and mixed vegetable toppings with a side salad. The only other place we’ve had a raw pizza was at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in L.A., and it was amazing. We didn’t expect much at Down To Earth, but when we took our first bite, it was mighty scrumptious. It was the first time I loved my meal more so than dessert; words can’t describe how good it was. It was that delicious and impressive to the taste. I loved it. And the salad that came with the pizza was pretty tasty as well.


For our raw dessert, the mango in the cheesecake was bursting with flavor. It didn’t disappoint, and the freshness was appreciated.

Nick had coconut ice cream with his slice.

Nick had coconut ice cream with his slice.

The execution of our meal was marvelous and we were very impressed with our first lunch in London. I praise this little café highly and thus the great review. Check them out if you’re in the area. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



6 thoughts on “Down To Earth

  1. Wow! I wish there were more cafés like that! Would really like a piece of that cheesecake. With coconut ice cream and all 🙂

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