RAW at La Suite West London

Another raw and vegan restaurant we dined at was at RAW. It is the first raw gourmet restaurant inside a hotel (La Suite West), and I became intrigued to give the place a try.


We both started out with mixed green salads and miso dressing. A good start, it was simple and the dressing was delicious.


For appetizers, we shared a raw Shiitake-Maki. We both didn’t realize it was sushi. Those that know us know that neither of us are sushi fans, but seeing that this was raw vegan it was fine. It turned out to be pretty tasty. We loved the pickled ginger on the side, and the radish rice that encompassed the beet and avocado was a great combo. The execution was impressive and we liked it.



My main meal was a Collard Wrap with veggies and a turmeric coconut spread. This was amazing. The spread was so good and went so well with the wrap. I kept on saying yum.

Collard Wrap

Collard Wrap

Nick’s main dish was Daikon Ravioli. Just like it sounds, the ravioli was made out of daikons, and inside was a blend of almonds and dates. Beneath the ravioli was a carrot and basil pesto. His dish was just as impressive in execution and taste.

Daikon Ravioli

Daikon Ravioli

We were wowed by our meals and loved everything we had. Of course, it wasn’t over yet. Dessert was next. I almost didn’t order dessert because I wasn’t feeling it. Nick sort of talked me into it, and we ended up ordering our own slice of raw orange and chocolate “cheesecake”. I was sure glad I had listened to him! The cheesecake didn’t turn out to be like what we expected. It was better in every way. Our non-vegan, non-raw waiter had raved about it, and I was a little skeptical at first, but he was right. It was superb, amazing, wonderful, and so full of flavor! Most raw orange and chocolate cheesecakes we’ve had are made of a chocolate ganache with hints of orange, but this one was different. The crust was made with cacao and the cheesecake part was of orange “cream”. This way proved to be superior to the others, and it just ended our dinner perfectly.

Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake

Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake

RAW knows what they’re doing, and I highly recommend this restaurant. They’ve only been open for two months and I’m not surprised they’re already doing well. They plan on expanding their menu to breakfast as well, so if we’re ever back we will surely make another visit for breakfast.



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