Inspiral Lounge

The last raw and vegan café I’d like to rave about is Inspiral Lounge. This place is really, really, really good. It’s a tossup for me between the three—Down To Earth, Raw, Inspiral Lounge—to which I like the best because they are all incredibly good in their own way. Nick favors Inspiral Lounge because of his dessert he enjoyed there but liked all three places for food.

Inspiral Lounge is located in Camden next to the canal by Camden Lock. It is the furthest out of the three from where we were staying but well worth the trip.

We both ordered a small meal plan of a main dish and side salad. The cabbage citrus salad was an amazing, tasty salad. The cabbage was tossed in a citrus dressing, balanced out by the sweetness of raisins and the spicy kick of chilies. The concoction reminded me a little of a sweet and spicy Southeast Asian papaya salad.


For appetizers we shared a vegan spanakopita. This wasn’t raw, but it was the best tasting spanakopita we’ve ever had. On top was a tasty olive tapenade that complimented the pastry real well. It was simply delicious.


My main meal was a raw burger made up of soaked nuts, seeds, herbs, and vegetables. We both agreed this was the best raw burger we’ve ever had. The execution was done right, and the flavor and texture was so much like a real burger. Other raw burgers we’ve tried were not really like burgers, but Inspiral Lounge’s was. Though, there was no bun, the flavor had the bun taste mixed in, as well as the cheese and pickle taste. The texture even had gristle in it like a real burger. The execution was impressive and the taste was superb. I think Nick wished he would have ordered the burger, too.


Nick’s main dish is a popular one. Their vegan lasagna is not raw but proves to be quite delicious. It tastes better than it looks, so don’t be fooled by its presentation. The Mediterranean-style vegetable lasagna is made with corn pasta and topped with a vegan béchamel cheese. Pretty tasty, but I enjoyed my burger better.


Lastly, dessert was a big deal for Nick because he had waited a long time for their baked vegan chocolate peanut butter tart. It was ridiculously good. The crust was chocolaty and crunchy filled with peanuts. It made Nick’s day.


I couldn’t decide, and initially I wanted to order the raw tiramisu, Nick’s dessert, and the raw passion fruit cheesecake but at last settled with one. I went for the passion fruit. I’m glad I did because it was insanely good. I was in heaven. The passion fruit was just oozing out. If I had room I would have ordered another one and same for Nick as well.


We were both impressed with Inspiral Lounge and would surely go back on a future visit. They also make raw kale chips, which we bought a couple of bags of. My favorite one was with baobab and onions. It is one of the best kale chips I’ve ever tasted.

Inspiral Lounge is a favorite to many locals and visitors, and I can see why. I highly recommend this place!



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