Our Next Plan


We have come to a decision on what we’re doing next — and it doesn’t involve France. We’re no longer renewing our visas in December. Instead, we are moving to Berlin for three months and just in time to spend Christmas and New Years there. Some of you may ask why Germany? It’s because our experience in Munich was a really good one, and we like and appreciate how the Germans function. We had planned on visiting Berlin anyway for the holidays, so we decided to do an extended stay instead of staying in Nice. We already have an apartment picked out in the Prenzlauerberg neighborhood, which we believe is a good fit for us because of the strong presence of green landscape and organic and vegan food.

Originally we had planned on moving to Ireland after Berlin but wanting to live in the countryside there proves to be difficult without a car, and renting one for three months is not cost-effective. Thus, we’ve decided to head back to the states where we plan to live in Ojai, California. We go back and forth between San Luis Obispo, Ojai, and Santa Barbara but settled with Ojai because we are craving a semi-rural living that has all of what we want and need for our lifestyle: organic farmer’s market, clean air, calmness, being close to the mountain and ocean, and to hike, mountain bike, and be close to the beach. Also, we want to live close to Los Angeles because we do like the city very much and plan on visiting often. So, we’ll give Ojai a try, and if we decide we need to live in a bigger town then we’ll fall back on Santa Barbara.

We look forward to coming back to the states because we miss our lifestyle, being active outdoors and eating the way we eat without limitations. Traveling is still our passion, and we still plan to do it often, but it will have to be while we’re living in the states. We’re planning to take more trips around the states, too, as I plan to visit more haunted places and pursue my paranormal hobby, and we’d like to take mountain bike trips. Additionally, the travels we wanted to do in Europe will have to be done over time, but Europe isn’t the only continent we’d like to explore, so we’re planning to venture onto other areas as well.

Being back in the states will also allow me to move forward with my writing. The travel and being without the necessities that I currently don’t have for writing has surprisingly impeded my focus on writing a bit, so it will be nice to be in an environment where I can hone in without being interrupted. Despite this, I have worked on my skills a bit, written, and cycled through novel ideas. My current work and story is in progress, but of course I still have a lot of work before the editing stages. Staying in one place and in my normal work environment will now be a luxury, and I look forward to it.

Lately we often find ourselves saying “when we get back to the states” several times a day now and laugh about it, because this surely is a sign we need to leave France — and we just have so many plans when we get back. Well, soon enough we will be done with France and we do look forward to our next adventure; however, we are ready to come home. I think if our healthy lifestyle wasn’t our number one priority and we didn’t have to work while living abroad, living outside the states would not be an issue given that we love traveling. Nevertheless, it has been great and an awakening experience, and we would surely do this again under the right conditions.

This is our update for now. And if nothing changes — which I don’t think it will — we’ll be back in Seattle late March for a short period before our road trip to California. Before we know it, we’ll be back soon!



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