Our Next Plan: Update

Dear Friends and Family,

In our last post in Our Next Plan, we said we would be coming back home in late March. It turns out it will be sooner (February 10th). Lufthansa screwed us over on our flight plan, and long story short, we have no choice but to leave sooner. We would be losing out on money and paying a lot more on airfare to stay throughout March. It just doesn’t make sense to do that, and thus we will be leaving Berlin sooner than we wanted. We’re a little bitter with the airline company as we were misinformed and left with no good options. But, it’s not the end of the world that we’re coming home sooner as we are excited to be back and move to California.

We will make the drive out to Ojai along the coast on February 14th, so our stay will be short in Seattle. During our short stay we will be busy going through our belongings, running errands, packing and spending time with my family. We’re sorry, but we probably won’t have time to meet up with friends as we will be pressed for time. Perhaps the next time when we visit Seattle, or you are welcome to visit us in Ojai!

~ Angie and Nick


2 thoughts on “Our Next Plan: Update

  1. Hi Angie,

    How time flies! Hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin. My family would like to experience the magical feeling of the Xmas celebration in Europe one of these days.


    • Hi Tony! Thanks. We’re looking forward to Berlin. The Christmas markets in Germany are supposed to be a big deal! That’s the main reason why we’re going right before Christmas.

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