Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Designs

We took the time to visit some of Antoni Gaudi’s work while in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi was an architect who designed several distinctive buildings in the city. We admire his style: It’s unique, creative, and fun. And reminds me of Dali’s art work and Tim Burton’s creations. The two casas or houses we visited were Casa Batllo and Casa Mila.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo

Visiting Casa Batllo was like being in a funhouse. The house is named House of Bones by the locals, and by looking at the house’s exterior, you can make out the bone and skull-like structures of the building.


Inside, the house was not leveled. There are curves and angles to the stairs, ceilings and rooms. The colors inside the house have been strategically placed to blend and mold with the sunlight coming through the windows.


On the rooftop, that is the only place in the house that is leveled. The whole house was quite a sight, and a fun visit.

Casa Batllo rooftop

Casa Batllo rooftop

Casa Mila is not a house, but rather an apartment building with an undulating structure. Not as colorful as Casa Batllo in the inside and outside, the stone façade of Casa Mila has wrought iron decorations for the balconies and wall-like curtains as a touch.


Inside, guests start the visit at the rooftop where interesting pieces and swirl-like structures decorate the area, protruding from the building. From there, we visited the attic and the apartment area that has been preserved as a museum. There, we saw old household appliances from the early 1900s.


Casa Mila rooftop

Casa Mila rooftop

If you’re pressed for time, I’d recommend Casa Batllo over Casa Mila. Expect to pay 20.35 euro ($28 USD) per ticket. This price includes audio as well. The price is a little steep because they use the funds to maintain the building. But, it’s worth the visit.