La Sagrada Familia


Another amazing work and design done by Antoni Gaudi is the famous Sagrada Familia Roman Catholic church. The construction of the building began in 1882 and is the world’s largest construction. We saw cranes around the building and thought maintenance work was being done, but apparently the building is still under construction. The design and complexity of the building provides a challenging task, and I wonder how much longer it will take to complete this grandiose structure. Gaudi spent forty years of his life constructing the church before he tragically died, and his body is buried in the crypt of the church.


This church is a must-see if you’re a first-time visitor in Barcelona. The façade and interior is quite impressive. Again, we noticed Gaudi’s strategic monochromatic placement of colors on the stained glass windows. When the sun shines through, it creates an iridescent glow inside.


We also visited the tower of the church, where we saw a view of Barcelona and a closer look at the tower’s structure. This was definitely worth it for only 2 euro more.


If you’re visiting Barcelona for the first time, I’d put La Sagrada Familia on your to-do list.



9 thoughts on “La Sagrada Familia

  1. Great photos, Angie! I wish those cranes were taken away during our visit last summer. Instead, we settled for the postcards from the gift shop after the church tour.

    I hope you and Nick had an opportunity to try out the pastries. The shops are in every corner. Yummy!

    • Thanks! We felt the same about the cranes — bummer. We only ate the vegan desserts at the places we dined out at. No pastries for us, unless of course if they’re vegan. 🙂

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