La Boqueria

La Boqueria Market Entrance

La Boqueria Market Entrance

One of the things we absolutely loved about Barcelona was the abundance of fruit. It was the first time we were able to eat our fruit meals for breakfast and brunch everyday while on a trip – at least in Europe. Besides being spoiled by our hotel with all-you-can-eat fruit and juice for breakfast, we had the pleasure to shop for other fruits we don’t normally get to have at the world-renowned, La Boqueria Market. We bought all the ripest cherimoyas we could find and ate it for three days, and some rambutans and pitayas for snacking. I’d have to say we were in fruit and juice heaven.


Besides the myriad of stalls with impressive fruit selections, the market also has nuts, dried fruits, spices, vegetables, legumes, chocolate, pastries, prepared foods, meat, and seafood.  It’s a fun and overwhelming market to scope out, and it is definitely overcrowded with tourists. And because it’s tourist-driven, prices are marked up. Though, we didn’t mind and gladly paid eight times the cost for our cherimoyas than compared to the small mercados elsewhere, because the taste and quality of the fruit was that good from the vendor we purchased from.


In our opinion La Boqueria is by far the best market we’ve been to here in Europe, and I’d recommend it to all visiting Barcelona for the first time.




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