If you love dumplings as much as we do, Momos is the place to visit in Berlin. The type of dumplings here, momo, is native to Nepal, and is popular in Tibet and Northeast India. Eating at Momos for the first time was a delight for us. The place is a vegetarian/vegan joint, also popular with many non-veg people. We can see why, because the momo dumplings here are irresistible, fresh and tasty. The cool part is that it’s homemade and all organic. There are plenty of dumplings to be found in the States where we’re from but none of which are organic, so this is pretty awesome to us.

The dumplings come out steamed, or pan-fried if you’d like.  You choose what serving size you’d like: small, medium, or large, followed by what kind of filling and dip you’d like. They also serve momo soups and a vegetable soup that changes according to season and ingredients.

We ordered the vegetable soup that day: pumpkin ginger, garnished with sunflower seeds and cilantro. It was the best pumpkin soup we’ve ever had. It had the right amount of ginger zing and was so delicious, I’ve been inspired to make my own version at some point.


Afterwards, we shared a medium plate of steamed dumplings — twenty total. Half of the dumplings were filled with potato, carrot, and cabbage, the other ten stuffed with tofu and sesame; our dip was a soy-sesame sauce. Scrumptious was what we concluded, and we’re jonesing out, wanting to return soon for some more. We’re definitely having our own plate of momos next time.


The owners are planning to make the momos bigger and fuller, with more filling. We think it’s a great idea. Check Momos out for some tasty and healthy Nepalese-style dumplings. 




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