Charlottenburg Palace


Out of the thirty palaces in Berlin, we chose to visit Charlottenburg Palace. It is the largest and most important remaining royal house in the city. This grand palace was originally built, starting in 1695, as a summer residence for the Prussian Queen, Sophie Charlotte.


We took a tour inside the palace and learned a few things about Queen Charlotte: She liked music and theater, and loved to collect Chinese porcelain. Each room was magnificent and uniquely decorated for its time. The two most impressive rooms were the chapel and the queen’s China collection. I do not have pictures to share since you have to pay for pictures, and even then, all pictures cannot be published. Nevertheless, it was interesting to take notice in the royal life back then.

In the garden, backside of the palace.

In the garden, backside of the palace.

Lastly, we took a leisure walk around the palace’s baroque garden. The massive garden is nicely manicured, and I can only imagine how attractive it must look in the summertime. Unfortunately when we left the palace for outside, daylight was on its way out. We wandered the landscaped garden which turned into a park, with a lake full of ducks and beautiful swans.





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