Let It Snow

A cold front has approached Berlin with temperatures dropping to low teens and high twenties. Yesterday when we went out, wind chill nipped us on the face. Icy streets had everyone walking precariously, and some, including us, caught our falls before slamming onto the cold concrete. It was the longest walk to and from the store.

Today we woke up to snow. Winter white streets contrasted with the dreary skies of Berlin. Walking on the plush was easier, and more fun, than the ice from yesterday. Parents pulled their little ones in sleds, while bigger kids carried snowballs, anticipating their throws. Little dogs ran with joy like they were receiving treats, while bigger dogs trotted along, enjoying the snow in a mellow state.

It’s supposed to continue snowing for a couple of days, with temperatures staying low. In the meantime, I’m appreciating and enjoying the white powder.




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