Vaust: Homebrewed Beers and Vegan German Fare


We heard about Vaust, an organic restaurant and wine bar that brews their own beers and serves 100% vegan German-style food. The location is in Berlin’s “Chinatown”, and the fact that they serve homebrewed beers was unique and intriguing to us. There were raving reviews about the food and beers from both vegans and carnivores. After the third attempt of going to this place, they finally opened again after a long New Year’s break.

Vaust makes two beers: Pilsner and Dark. We both went for the Dark and it was delicious. The flavor was different from other German beers we have tried. It had more hops but without the bitterness. We’re not big fans of hoppy beers, but this was quite good. We each had one glass, but I failed to finish mine as I got quite lit up and was starting to feel sick. Nick finished mine off as I devoured more food.



Aside from the menu, Vaust has a daily special. And for that day it was chilli no carne and polenta. Despite the dish having faux meat made with the soy protein isolate, Nick couldn’t resist it, thinking the dish would be made up of mostly beans. I decided to stay away from it and went with something off of their main menu: vegan onion quiche. And for the starter, we shared the vegan currywurst made up of tofu.

The currywurst had great flavor and was so delicious and well-executed. We could definitely have that again. Nick enjoyed his dish but was a little disappointed when the dish was made up of mostly faux meat. He thought the flavor was good, but the faux meat was not going down well. It was definitely a one-time deal. My quiche was spectacular but on the light side when having it with an alcoholic drink. I needed more food to soak up the beer, so dessert did the job. We both ordered our own chocolate cake. It was covered in a rich ganache, and tasted amazing.



Chili no carne and polenta and corn cakes

Chilli no carne and polenta and corn cakes

Onion quiche

Onion quiche

Chocolate Ganache Cake

Chocolate Ganache Cake



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