Let It Be

Let It Be Vegan Creperie

Let It Be Vegan Creperie

For the period of time we lived in France, I have had only one vegan crepe at Loving Hut in Paris. The experience was decent but nothing compared to this experience I’ve had at Let It Be. A husband-wife team opened this cute little restaurant earlier this month and they are already popular. I can see why, because the food is superb.

The execution and taste of the food makes this place our new favorite vegan joint to eat in Berlin. The menu is a mix of whole food and faux meat and cheese. We’re just glad they have whole food served and what they have is excellent. We were able to avoid the mock ingredients and eat a healthy and tasty meal.

We went to Let It Be at the end of the night one evening and they only had one crepe left. We’re kind of glad this happened because it allowed us to order something else off the menu. Otherwise, with our similar taste, we would have ordered the same dish like we usually do.

Intimate and cozy, Let It Be’s ambience is kind of romantic. The tables are adorned with roses and the lighting is dim. With the one candle on our table, it made it hard to take great photos with our little camera. The pictures do not do the food justice, because everything we had at this vegan creperie was absolutely scrumptious.

For starters, we shared a lentil beet salad, a mixture of lentils and beet served over a bed of arugula with walnut crumbles on top. We never thought the combination would taste so good!

Lentil Beet Salad

Lentil Beet Salad

The crepes they serve are named after vegan celebrities. We ordered the Erykah Badu crepe and shared it. It came with a side of salad that tasted amazing. The filling of the crepe was chickpea curry. It was simple, delicious and perfect. The crepe on its own tasted so good as well.


Erykah Badu Crepe: Chickpea Curry

Erykah Badu Crepe: Chickpea Curry

The other dish we ordered and shared was a sandwich: tofu, apple, walnuts, arugula, and apple chutney on toasted gluten-free bread. The combination was amazing and we were glad we had the chance to order this.

Tofu, apple, walnut, chutney sandwich. I forget which celebrity this sandwich is named after.

Tofu, apple, walnut, chutney sandwich. I forget which celebrity this sandwich is named after.

For desserts, we shared a chocolate cake and chocolate beetroot brownie that was gluten-free. Both delicious, but I think I favored the brownie better. Who would have thought chocolate and beets would go so well together!

This place is an awesome spot and is just waiting to be discovered by more people. We can only say good things about Let It Be. Everything we had there hit home for us. This may be the best vegan crepe we’ve ever had. Check them out if you’re in Berlin!



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