Winter in Hamburg


Bismarck Monument in Old Elbpark
World’s largest statue of the first German chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck.

We spent a couple of days in Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. It was a wintry visit with temperatures well below zero, and wind chill that nipped and hurt on contact. Not expecting the frigid temperature, it was the first time on a trip we preferred being indoors. People’s faces burned red to eggplant from the cold, some walked stiffly, and some endured the freezing pain as they didn’t dress appropriately. We understood and although we had many layers of clothes on with our beanie caps and gloves, it was just unbearable sightseeing in the icy temp with 30 mph wind on top of that.

Town Hall

Rathaus Town Hall

Our short visit happened to be the coldest days out of the week. And it dampened our sightseeing as we hurried with our outdoor visits. Aside from being cold and uncomfortable, it became painful the longer we exposed ourselves to winter’s brutality. This was the coldest temperature we both have ever experienced, even colder than the wintertime we spent in Connecticut or up in the mountain snowboarding.




If you’re planning a visit to Hamburg, I recommend visiting outside of winter because you’ll have a better time appreciating the city as you stroll around. The Old Warehouse District and Harbor is a nice walk to sightsee but not in these temperatures. A full day is plenty to see the main attractions in Hamburg, but with the wintry conditions we broke our exploration up into two days. As soon as that sun goes down (if there is sun), forget staying out too long.


Hamburg TV Tower



2 thoughts on “Winter in Hamburg

  1. Lovely pics, and Hamburg looks amazing! I’d love to visit one day. It does sound freezing though – I’m in the southern part of Germany right now and seems that the temperature difference is hugh between the northern and the southern parts!

    • Thanks! Hamburg is a nice city, but I think summer would be the best time to visit. It was just too cold for us when we went. It seems you’re staying warmer there in southern Germany. 🙂

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