St. Michaelis Kirche

St. Michaelis

St. Michaelis

Escaping the frigid blast from outside, we took shelter inside Hamburg’s largest church and landmark. The famous St. Michael is one of the city’s five main churches and is dedicated to Archangel Michael.

St. Michael's Victory: Conquering the devil

St. Michael’s Victory: Conquering the devil

We entered the nave of the church where a starlight and candelabra illumined against the whiteness of the church like the glow of an angel.


A large organ towered above our heads, ornate with brass highlights over its wooden body.


We then climbed up to the spire to admire Hamburg’s view. Passing some folks who were leaving, we noticed many red faces that looked pre-frostbite and knew our observation would not last long. When we reached to the top of the stairs, we pushed through a light metal door and into the nipping breeze.

Fog hovered over the city. Towers stuck out into the sky and dominated other buildings.


Freezing wind slammed into us, threatening us to leave. We quickly scoped out one viewpoint of the tower and stepped back inside to warm up before observing the other side. The breath of cold air hurt our lungs and we quickly returned to shelter, descending to the crypt of the church.


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