Miniatur Wunderland

Located in the Old Warehouse District (Speicherstadt) of Hamburg, the Miniatur Wunderland is the world’s largest model railway. There are eight sections to this miniature world of figurines, cars, houses, trains and airplanes: Middle Germany, Knuffingen, Austria, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Knuffingen Airport. Each model section is unique to its area and wonderfully detailed. A day lasts only fifteen minutes in this tiny world, then nighttime takes over with 300,000 LEDs shining, switching back to day again with the timed day and night simulation.

At each section we also found buttons to push, which signals the movement of figurines. Some examples from what we saw include a worker loading a bag of something into the cargo train, two knights fighting, and a construction worker maneuvering a crane. Aside from the figurines, watching the trains passing through towns, mountains, and stopping to pick up passengers were all fun to see. Our favorite though, was watching the airplane models land and take off at Knuffingen Airport, and little workers driving their trucks and cars around the airport.

We spent hours and lost track of time at this little wonderland. Enchanting, we had a good time and were impressed by the work involved in building and creating the models.


Here are three videos we captured of the model airplanes landing, taking off, and parking at the gate of Knuffingen Airport.


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