Golden Temple Teehaus

On our last day in Hamburg we ate at a great little restaurant. Golden Temple Teehaus is an organic vegetarian/vegan joint that serves mostly vegan food and desserts. Also a tea house, the place is decorated with buddha statues, creating an ambience of peace and calmness. Although the calmness dissipates as the space gets filled with the hubbub of people; it’s quite popular and we were lucky to have missed lunch rush hour.

Golden Temple serves healthy and delicious curries, waffles, quiches, sweet breads and desserts. We both ordered the vegetable lentil curry served over basmati rice, garnished with cilantro, sesame seeds and soy cream. It was really good, and it warmed us up from the cold.

Vegan Lentil Curry

For desserts, we ordered our own plate of waffles topped with powder sugar and a cassis sauce. It was scrumptious.

Vegan Waffles

On our way out we grabbed a quiche and dessert (plum crumble bar) to-go for a light dinner on the train ride back to Berlin. Both were very yummy.

If ever in Hamburg again, we will definitely return to the Golden Temple.



2 thoughts on “Golden Temple Teehaus

  1. i’m guessing that this golden temple restaurant was run by kundalini yoga sikhs wearing turbans and all white garb…i used to live in a kundalini yoga sikh ashram on all saints road in london and downstairs from where we lived we had a wonderful vegan restaurant that was quite popular in the notting hill district…

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