Set in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, Kollwitzplatz is a popular square frequented by tourists and locals alike. With trendy shops and boutiques, restaurants and cafes, it’s a nice area to check out. On Thursdays and Saturdays, an outdoor organic market lines the strip of Kollwitzplatz next to a park that houses the statue of the famous female German artist Kathe Kollwitz.



The Kollwitzplatz Market is worth a visit, where produce isn’t the only thing being sold: handmade slippers, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, hot food and body oils are also some of the things for sale.




Potato chips

At the waffle stall, I almost passed before I spotted they had a vegan option. Without hesitation I ordered the freshly made vegan waffle, topped with powder sugar and plum sauce. It was a full-sized waffle, too, unlike the non-vegan waffle on a stick.  It was really scrumptious!


This is a great local affair to partake in when visiting this area of Berlin. We’ll return next weekend to do some shopping around the strip, and for another taste of the yummy waffle before we fly across the pond.



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