Chaco Canyon Cafe

Hi everyone! I’m back to my blog posts again. We’re in Agoura Hills now, but before I dive into SoCal, I wanted to start with our time in Seattle.

During our short stay in Seattle, we had lunch at our favorite organic cafe in the U-District while we were out car shopping. Chaco Canyon Cafe is an organic vegan joint, with a small raw food menu. Raw or not, Chaco Canyon is all about healthy eats. We’ve ordered a variety of items on the menu and everything has been tasty. I’m taking this opportunity to give them some attention because they deserve it. Their food quality is fantastic, and I love that everything is organic, while the food is delicious but prepared in a healthy way. So if you’re vegan or in search of a healthy meal, check them out if/when you’re in Seattle.

At this lunch outing we both ordered something we haven’t tried off the menu. It turned out to be great choices.


I had their amazing chili soup (brown rice, beans and vegetables) which had a lot flavors to it, and a delicious spinach and mushroom quiche.


Nick had the same soup but paired with a lentil burger. He raved it was the best burger he’d ever had.



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