Along the way to California, we stopped and stayed in Portland to have a Valentine’s Day meal while on the go. We took the opportunity to try out a restaurant/cafe I really wanted to explore. Harlow was the place: a cozy little vegan joint with simple elegance, and a small dinner menu split half and half with cooked and raw meals. Aside from the main menu, they had a plethora of options for fresh juices, elixirs, tonics and smoothies.


Located outside of downtown Portland, we would have never found this place on our own. It was worth the little drive out, as the meal proved to be quite delicious.

I ordered a raw dish, the Renegade Sampler. This savory sampler consisted of a pasta fresca, raw tostada, house salad, sunflower cheese, cucumbers, and a Thai wrap. Explosively mouth-watering delicious, it proved to be one of the best raw meals we’ve had out. Tasty and well-executed, I had no complaints and devoured my entire meal with satisfaction. Nick tasted a portion of my dish and felt the same way. We raved about it until it was gone, and he couldn’t help but eat a fourth of my meal.

Raw Renegade Sampler

Nick ordered a cooked dish, the Stir Fry: seasonal vegetables and rice noodles stirred in a zesty pineapple ginger sauce with cilantro, lime, mint, scallions, roasted cashews and sesame seeds. He didn’t expect much, but the dish ended up wowing him with delight. He was impressed and I tasted a little of it and thought it was mighty tasty as well.

Stir Fry

Dinner was amazing, and although Harlow does not have a dessert menu, they have baked goods. Of course we couldn’t finish without ‘the sweets’. Out of the small options, I ordered something different from what I would normally have: peach lavender muffin. For my first time trying something lavender infused, it was interesting but quite delicious at the same time. And having paired it with a ginger tea helped tied up the meal, warming me up on that cold night.


Nick being a peanut butter lover, sought out the peanut butter cookie. The cookie was good; it had a touch of cinnamon to it, which was a nice complement.


Very satisfied with our meals at Harlow, we would definitely return if ever in Portland again. We liked the food taste and execution at Harlow better than Chaco Canyon Cafe (if you read my last post you’ll know it’s our favorite vegan cafe in Seattle), so I highly recommend Harlow if you’re visiting Portland. They also have a sister branch, Prasad, which I believe we have visited a while back on our last stay in Portland, but I have to say we now favor Harlow.



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