Agoura Hills

View from the trail of our backyard.

View from the trail of our backyard.

Agoura Hills sits at the edge of the Santa Monica mountains, right above Malibu. We are in the Conejo Valley, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, which I love. It has been sunny every day since we’ve moved here, with temperatures above 70. Of course with the exception of the recent ‘storm’ we had last Friday and Saturday. It had rained relentlessly, but I wouldn’t exactly call continuous rain pour and some wind a storm.

Nick and I chuckled when we looked outside. “This is what they consider a storm,” Nick said.

That Thursday night when we were at Whole Foods the cashier said to me, “Looks like you guys are shopping for the storm.”

I had forgotten about the weather forecast until he had mentioned it to me. We weren’t shopping for the storm. It was our normal grocery shopping for two days, and we happen to eat that much produce. Coming from Seattle where it rains most of the time, it was a bit comical to find three days of rain a huge deal for people around here. On every radio station during those three days, rain was the topic: they hadn’t seen that much rain before.

Nonetheless, we’re glad the storm is over with and now we can go play in the sun…


Agoura Hills is a small city that has a small town feel to it. The surrounding communities in the valley has a similar vibe, too; although Agoura Hills may be one of the smaller cities in the valley. The other neighboring cities are easily accessible by back roads or the 101 highway within minutes. We live off an exit, which makes it convenient to hop on and off. This type of living is different from the downtown, metropolitan living in Seattle, but we don’t mind it at all. This seems to suit us better now.

When we first looked into Agoura Hills, we saw that out of a hundred cities it is ranked number four for best places to live in California. Although there is not a whole lot going on here, it is a nice area with very low crime, 82% lower than all of California (A+ rating). The air quality (B rating) is low as well for being in LA county, but it gets an F rating for cost of living, being 15% higher than all of California.

What we like most about Agoura Hills is that it’s tucked away from greater LA, but close enough (30 minutes to 45 minutes away depending on traffic) so that we could visit West Hollywood and Santa Monica if we want to. The area is quiet and close to many hiking and biking trails. We happen to have a hiking trail right in our ‘backyard’. And the beach in Malibu is only twenty minutes away.


Lots of bunnies hopping around the trails next to the parking lot.

We often see bunnies near our car here.

We also love that there are a couple of local farmers market nearby, one in Calabasas and one right here in Agoura Hills. We’ve frequented the one in Agoura Hills already, returning to the organic stalls to load up for the week on ingredients for our green juice. We also have a couple of Whole Foods Market close by, north (Thousand Oaks) and south (Woodland Hills) of us. And lucky for us, our favorite organic grocery store in West Hollywood, Erewhon, is opening up in our area (Calabasas) in 9 days.

The farmers market in Agoura Hills is quite small, with no more than 10 vendors. The two vendors we visit and purchase our fruit and vegetables from are plenty good for us. And the vendor we buy our oranges from always gives us a good deal. He has one specialty item to sell each week. One weekend, his special sell-of-the-day was fresh squeezed, unpasteurized pomegranate juice. We sampled it and couldn’t leave without buying a large-sized bottle of it. It tasted fresh and amazing.

Agoura Hills Farmers Market

Agoura Hills Farmers Market


After buying fresh strawberries as well, I whipped up a pomegranate-strawberry smoothie for lunch. It was yummy. Here’s the simple recipe if you’d like to try: 1 square basket of strawberries, 1 very ripe banana, 2 to 2 1/2 cups of pomegranate juice, and 2 cups of baby kale.

Beautiful, sweet and delicious strawberries!

Beautiful, sweet and delicious strawberries picked fresh that day.

Pomegranate Strawberry Smoothie

Pomegranate Strawberry Smoothie

So far we are liking Agoura Hills, but we’re not quite sure if this is the place for us to call home permanently. We’ll be exploring SoCal some more to figure this out. For now this area works great for us and we’re happy.



2 thoughts on “Agoura Hills

  1. Hi, Angie, Tuan turned me onto your blog. Sorry I missed your European travels.
    I am so happy that southern California is suiting you both so well. Be well and joyful.

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