Malibu Paradise Cove

To our surprise, we found out Malibu and the closest beach, Paradise Cove, is less than a ten minute drive from our home. With 80 degrees weather driving down to Malibu on Saturday, we were relishing in the warm breeze, while enjoying the fabulous views of the Malibu Canyons.


We went to Paradise Cove to check out this nice beach and get grounded on the hot sand. The weather was just gorgeous, and we soaked in the sun. Strolling on the beach path, we checked out the rocky cliffs and the homes plotted up top. The ocean breeze cooled us off, and we appreciated the fresh air, clean beach, and the picturesque coastline.


Paradise Cove is a popular spot where people relax, sunbathe, eat and drink at the restaurants along the beach. It’s good to know we can hit the beach in such a short drive, because beach bumming is definitely part of the plan.




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