While out shopping for mountain bikes, we grabbed a light lunch at M.A.K.E. The raw vegan cuisine is led under Matthew Kenney, a raw chef who was once the chef and co-founder of the famous raw restaurant, Pure Food and Wine, in New York City. The restaurant is located in Santa Monica Place in The Market, with an airy ambience and contemporary, natural wood decor.

We were excited to try out the food, as we own one of Kenney’s raw ‘cook’ book. My expectation was met as I forked my kelp noodles into my mouth. It was amazing, delicious, and satiating. The dish was raw kelp mixed with a touch of snap peas, snow pea vines, mushrooms, black pepper, and an olive ‘cream’. The combination was delectable, and I loved the strong pepper taste. It kind of reminded me of Fettucine Alfredo. Although I think this tastes better, and of course, is much healthier for you.


Nick ordered the Bahn Mi Tostada. Although tasty, it could have used more tostada to balance out the large mounds of avocado. The good flavor was there, but the execution in Nick’s opinion was not so great because, it was like he was eating only avocado.


I really loved my dish, and Nick thought it delicious as well. Despite the poor execution of the tostada, I would still recommend this place if you’re into raw food. Try going before 4 pm for the prix fixe menu for only $25. Otherwise, you’ll be paying about $20 per entree like we did.



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