Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons


Last Sunday we visited and hiked Cheeseboro Canyon. Less than 2 miles from our home, it is in the northernmost section of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is from these hills that water flow from the canyons and to the Pacific. The canyons are home to the largest concentration of birds in the U.S outside of Alaska, as well as the Valley Oak tree. These trees are native to the U.S., and the ones found in the Palo Comado may be the largest trees left.


Striking blue skies and 80 degrees weather, the day was warm with occasional breeze blowing our way. With some clouds, Californians call it a “partly cloudy day”, as described on the weather forecast. Although coming from Seattle, this is nothing like a partly cloudy day that we’re used to.


From the parking lot, the trail starts off flat with distant views of the hills. We did an easy hike of 6.5 miles with some climbs that allowed us to see parts of Old Agoura in the backdrop.


Part of the hike was scoping out the trails to see what kind of mountain biking we could do, as there are many different trails in the canyon with various technical riding levels. The hike was a tease for us, because we know we could cover more tracks in the canyon with a mountain bike.


It seems the trails are popular for many mountain bikers, as well as for horse riding, trail running, and hiking. We loved being out there and can’t wait to hit the trails with our bikes!

Bones found on the tree.

Bones found on a tree.

A big black bug on our walk path ... not sure what kind it is. Do you know? My guess is it's some kind of beetle.

A big black bug on our walk path … not sure what kind it is. Do you know? My guess is it’s some kind of beetle.



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