The Original Farmers Market


We took a stroll through the original Farmers Market in LA, established in 1934. It’s the most lively farmers market I’ve ever set foot on, with a plethora of food stalls and vendors, shops and sit-down eateries. Even visiting in the evening, crowds of people took up every corner and turn. And with my gimpy self, I had a little workout crutching along the vicinity. It was just a little tour Marty wanted to take us on, but Nick and I will surely return to peruse some more when I’m better.


I put Nick in charge of the pictures because of my lack of hands. See me crutching along there in front.


The Travel Angel resides at the market. (He kind of looks like Nick’s dad.)


Pastry photo for you pastry munchers.


A hot sauce store! I so wanted to explore that store and buy a bottle of hot sauce…but it will have to wait.

Affiliated with the Farmers Market is The Grove, a community of retail shops and restaurants. If it wasn’t for my injury, the walk there would have been simple. But, my hands began to hurt from all day pressing on the handlebars of the crutches, and I needed to rest my swollen foot and leg. Marty wanted us to see the attraction at The Grove, the water fountain, so we rested there for a bit waiting for the water show to begin.


Heading towards The Grove.

The music synced water fountain show occurs every day at 7 p.m. That evening Michael Buble sang in the background and water swiveled and shot up into the air with the singer’s modern Sinatra-voice.

Aside from being a main tourist attraction, many locals hang out at the Farmers Market and The Grove as well. It’s also a great place to people watch, which was what we did as we sat at the fountain. When we were ready to leave, I one-legged hopped onto the trolley, riding it to the front entrance of the market. My hands were officially spent, throbbing, the soreness of my palms screaming at me for a moment’s rest and my foot yearned for elevation.


We missed the Farmers Market last time we visited, so I’m glad we had a chance to scope it out a bit. I anticipate our return when I’m walking with both limbs again. Do visit if you’re in the area. It’s one cool farmers market.



2 thoughts on “The Original Farmers Market

  1. Angie, I’ve been there! It is a marvelous market. I will need to return for the evening fountain show, as I didn’t know about that.
    Continue to heal and feel better soon!

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