Real Food Daily

We recently ate at the best vegan restaurant yet in LA. Real Food Daily is all organic and vegan, and serves some amazing tasty food. We learned about the place from Marty; he frequents the place–and I have to say the place really has us hooked as well. The quality and execution of the food were both solid. With us being picky eaters with the way food is cooked or prepared, RFD did not disappoint. We’re definitely returning to try the other dishes off the menu.

I had the Southwest Salad, which is one of the best salads I’ve had eating out. The flavors were delicious, and it was one hearty salad if you’re hungry. My only complaint if I had one was that I wish it had more quinoa than avocado. However, this didn’t affect the taste at all. It was just a preference because the abundance of avocado filled me up.


Romain lettuce, black beans, quinoa, jicama salsa pepper, guacamole, lime cilantro dressing, and baked tortilla strips.

Nick ordered the black bean burger. It was very delicious and done well. The patty was made up of brown rice, veggies and black beans. The way it was cooked was perfect as well, as the patty and veggies on top weren’t charred or overdone. We find that most restaurants will burn the living out of grilled or sautéed veggies, which is a big no-no for us.


While we waited for our food, we saw a couple two tables away order a brownie sundae. We haven’t had this in ages, and this is one of Nick’s favorite dessert. It looked amazing, and Nick was enticed to order that “Brownie Bowl” for dessert. I was full from my salad, so I decided to share it with him. It turned out to be the best brownie sundae ever. Paired with vanilla “ice cream”, the brownie was baked and warmed for us, drizzled with chocolate sauce. We waited a while for this, so by the time we got to it my stomach had freed up some room for the delectable treat. I can’t describe how good it was. Although the ice cream was cold, the brownie warmed me up with every bite. Literally. (I was cold in that air-conditioned establishment.) A bowl of pure goodness was what that was. If you like brownie sundaes, do yourself a favor and try that if you think about having desserts at RFD.


As we were enjoying our late lunch/early dinner, guess who came in and sat behind us? Anthony Kiedis — the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers! Nick spotted him first and we played it cool as Nick took pictures of him with my iPhone. The restaurant wasn’t busy and there was only one other table that had people sitting nearby. Everyone looked but acted nonchalantly as though it was no big deal. After Kiedis sat down with his twenty-year-old girlfriend, minutes later one of his songs came on. Nick tried taking a video of the couple while “Snow (Hey Oh)” played in the background, but he didn’t want to be too obvious as the couple was looking our way.



After the couple left, everyone in the restaurant buzzed and gossiped about the celebrity. It was definitely an unexpected and fun dine-out as we marveled in good vegan food and spotted our second celebrity in LA. Check out Real Food Daily for some good eats. It’s a good spot, and you never know, you might spot a vegan celebrity there if you’re lucky.



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    • It was jittery indeed. There was a recent one on Saturday but more south from us, and it was more towards Orange County, so we didn’t feel that one. I don’t think we want to wait around for the BIG one that is due to hit LA in the next 30 years! 😉

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