Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory

I’m now off crutches and wearing a pressurized boot, so I’m a little more mobile but can’t quite do a whole lot of walking. Thus, we decided to go to the Griffith Observatory to watch a planetarium show, Time’s Up. Griffith Park itself is a vast area that has many hiking trails up and around the observatory. Located in East Hollywood, the large white facade sits up top a hill with immaculate views of LA to be seen. Just at the parking lot, we were able to see the famous white Hollywood sign in the distance.



Time’s Up was an interesting short presentation on the Universe and time, how the season changes for us on Earth and how that relates to the Universe. Time is always changing, and thus as humans we are changing, too. We age and evolve into the future. This made me ponder a bit, not just about the Universe, but about life as well. I want to enjoy life and live a healthy life for as long as I can, doing the things I want to do — before time’s up


When it comes to the Universe and planets, all astronomy-related topics, we admit we like to geek out. One of our favorite show in relevance to this is The Universe. Each episode is so fascinating and mind boggles you about the enigma of Space and the Universe. Nick and I always have full on conversations after each show, making our own speculations, with a ton of our own questions. Check out this show if you’re interested in the Universe like we are. It’s so informative and you learn a lot from the folks in the field. One of our favorite speaker is Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics. He’s full of interesting facts.

As for the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and the Griffith Observatory, we’ll be returning for more shows, and to use the solar telescopes at night (when I’m more mobile) to check out the stars and the planets.


The next time you’re stargazing, think about how many light years away that star is. What you’re seeing could be a star created one million years (or more) ago. Crazy, huh? I love that the dark night skies in Agoura Hills are so clear that we see the stars shining and twinkling like they’re not too far away, but in reality the closest star (Proximi Centauri) next to the sun is actually 4.2 light years away, or about 25 trillion miles away!

One of the most fabulous sightings we’ve had was of the Milky Way during our time at Nanuya Island in Fiji. It was the most spectacular sight we have ever encountered, and it seemed so close to us as we stood on the beach of that desolate island. I wish I had pictures to share, but I guess I’ll have to let you wonder about that one…

Do you ever think about the Universe? Ever wonder about another dimension? Or how about time travel? If this piques your curiosity, The Universe will provide some explanation; although you’ll still be wondering and asking some questions afterwards — some food for thought for you there!




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