Chocolate Cherry and Vanilla Date Cinnamon Smoothies

I haven’t posted any recipes lately, so I’d like to share two of my current favorite smoothies I make at home: Chocolate Cherry and Vanilla Date Cinnamon.

These are so simple and easy to whip up for a meal, dessert, or snack. I make the chocolate cherry smoothie for my first lunch meal, and I drink the vanilla date cinnamon smoothie for dessert, or as a delicious snack.

Organic Chocolate Cherry Smoothie


2 C sweet frozen cherries (or the whole bag)
1 very ripe medium to large banana
1 heaping tsp raw cacao powder (Navitas)
1 tsp raw gelatinized maca powder (Navitas)
1 tsp soy lecithin, optional (Health Alliance aka Health Force)
2 C baby kale or baby spinach
1 to 2 C almond milk (vanilla flavored)
2 C spring water or more, depending on desired consistency

I like using baby kale or baby spinach because it is mild in flavor and of course more nutritious. You may choose unsweetened or sweetened for the vanilla almond milk, or use another kind of vegan milk. If you choose rice or hemp milk instead, make sure to add a teaspoon of vanilla. (The banana and cherries will sweeten up the smoothie on its own.) This smoothie is chocolatey and malty tasting. And I just love the way it taste with the cherries as well.

When maca and cacao are combined, they have good synergy. The maca will offset the negative effects of the “caffeine” of cacao. And I find that the Navitas brand has the best tasting cacao powder out there. I also use Navitas for maca because it also taste and smell the best. They have gelatinized form of maca now, which is better for digestion when eaten raw because the starch has been removed. For those of you who don’t know, maca is a family of the radish family, a Peruvian root. It is a great adaptogen, fights stress, anxiety and fatigue, while promoting great energy and stamina. It is also known for restoring aging hormonal system back by strengthening and toning the endocrine system, as well as restoring the adrenal glands. Maca is one of my favorite roots to take because I do feel the stamina and energy it provides, especially during my cardio workouts; I feel like I can keep on going and going. And it just smells and tastes so great!

As for the soy lecithin, it will help thicken your smoothie. This also creates a creamy texture as well. Lecithin nutritionally supports fat burning, healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels, cardiovascular health, liver function, nerve function, brain function, and memory.

Organic Vanilla Date Cinnamon Smoothie

I love the taste of this mylkshake! The dates will thicken your smoothie and create froth like a milkshake.


2 C vanilla almond milk
3 fresh medjool dates, pitted
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Make sure to blend until all the dates are broken down. Then enjoy! This one is so yummy and makes a great dessert drink. I just love it. Nick was also blown away by it when he tasted how good it was. So, give it a try if you’re craving a healthy, low-fat dessert.

Cinnamon is known to help reduce the LDL cholesterol. In several studies, cinnamon has been effective against ulcer-causing bacteria (H. pylori), and may reduce the proliferation of cancer cells. Also, it’s been proven to be effective for menstrual pain. Cinnamon contains a chemical called cinnamaldehyde, which increases progesterone and lowers testosterone production in women, balancing out the hormones. These are just some of the health benefits cinnamon provides. There are more I haven’t listed from this aromatic spice.

Cheers to your health — drink up!



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