Venice Canals


Although we’ve visited the Venice Canals in Venice, Italy, the Venice Canals I’m sharing today are the Venice Canals of America. This historical district of Venice in Los Angeles is man-made, created by Abbott Kinney in 1905. I first learned about this through the movie Valentine’s Day. I remember seeing scenes with the canals in the background. When I found out about the canals, I knew right away this was where they had filmed parts of the movie.

This beautiful walkway along this neighborhood of Venice is a great saunter beneath the sun. The warm breeze brought forward the pleasant smells of roses, snowbelles, dill, and other varieties of plants and flowers as we strolled along the canals. House-watching, we admired the different styles of homes: some had Venetian influence to them, others were sleek and modern, while others were funky and colorful. Each house was different and had their own flair, embellished with lawn ornaments, painted trees, flowers, plants, or rocks.



Ducks frolicked along the canals, shaking their furry behinds, quacking and flapping their wings, while others swam or lounged peacefully on miniature docks and on top of people’s boats or canoes.











I’d say this amble is a must-do and see. It’s a nice spot. Besides walking on the Venice boardwalk, consider putting it on your list when you’re visiting Venice.



One thought on “Venice Canals

  1. Nice Angie and Nick! It has been so long since I enter your blog. Been a busy year for all of us. Hope all us well and I see that you are back in the States now. Somehow, your blog end up in my spam mail so I had to recheck it. Keep up the great work with the blog and let us know when you are back in Seattle to visit.

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