Pico House


Hate. Crime. Massacre. These three things are deeply rooted in the past of the Pico House of El Pueblo de Los Angeles. When Chinatown was abutted to Old Mexico of Los Angeles, 19 Chinese men and boys were murdered savagely in the courtyard of Pico House in 1871. An angry mob killed these men and boys, lynching them after attacking them. No one was ever prosecuted for the crime even though the massacre occurred in front of hundreds of people. This unsolved story was buried for 140 years before it was sought after and revealed by a writer, John Johnson Jr.

Once a hotel, the Pico House is no longer that and is open for banquets and events. Haunted, there have been accounts of paranormal experiences in the building. If you’re interested in learning more about the history and the paranormal findings, Ghost Adventures did an investigation here for Season 4, Episode 7. I watch every single episode of Ghost Adventures but had forgotten about the Pico House until we went to the area for Olvera Street. The moment I saw the writing “Pico House” on the building, memories of the place and the investigation came to mind. I wanted to share the history of this place, to remind people of the brutal crime that took place here. Because on a bright hot day, passing through this lively area and seeing the lovely facade of the Pico House, one would never know such crime occurred without knowing the history. Those Chinese men and boys that died in the race riot never got justice on their side — because hate was more powerful than justice.



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