Old Town Calabasas Farmers Market

We finally made it to the Calabasas Farmers Market on Saturday. Located in Old Town Calabasas, it is really close to us in Agoura Hills. I think we’ll be heading back most Saturdays to do some shopping for our produce, as we were quite impressed with the organic selections at this market. It’s a busy one with lots of vendors and stalls, but we enjoyed the vibe and our stroll, perusing, as we discovered some healthy new vegan goods.







We grabbed some fresh squeezed OJ and strawberries to snack on before heading out to lunch. The fresh squeezed OJ tasted amazing, and the strawberries were succulent and sweet — all from local organic farms!





9 thoughts on “Old Town Calabasas Farmers Market

  1. the amazing hollywood farmers market on sundays is also well worth checking out…although not so convenient for you…on ivar between hollywood blvd. and sunset blvd….hope your ankle is healing well….so perhaps you and nick can make the upcoming topanga days festival memorial day weekend beginning may 24…

    • Thanks, we’ll have to check it out…
      The ankle is a lot better. I’m just waiting to be out of this brace when I’m out and about. It’s not very comfortable. Unfortunately we won’t make it to the festival because we’ll be out of town. We’ll be heading out to Arizona that weekend for a week.

  2. Oooh, the market looks like they have a good variety of stuff. I like the little garden in the clear ball things lol

    • Yes, I like them too. They’re cacti. We’re planning to go back and buy one for the place. Cactus is the only plant we manage not to kill. I’ll have to make an effort to practice my green thumb a little more.

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