Arizona Hiking Trip

We just got back from a weeklong hiking trip in Arizona. Aside from taking a couple of days to check out Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, we went hiking every day after that in the area and one day in Sedona.

Coming off of my ankle injury, I was pretty confident my ankle would hold up for the hikes but to start off, we strolled the very easy trails of Papago Park in Phoenix. The weather and climate in Phoenix is extremely hot as you could imagine. I enjoyed the warm climate at night that we don’t have in SoCal, but hiking in 100 degrees weather is more about survival than being able to hike hardcore, which is how we like to hike. I managed fine in the weather but it was too hot for Nick, so we ended up hiking more towards the end of the day.

Papago Park

This stroll was done near sunset. The weather was mid-nineties, so not too bad.






Although we weren't at high elevation, we were able to see views of the city.

Although we weren’t at high elevation, we were able to see views of the city.

South Mountain Phoenix

This second hike was done in South Phoenix and that day was very hot for a hike. It was above 100 degrees and we went at the hottest time of the day. After experiencing the brutal temperature, Nick decided we wouldn’t be going out during that time again.

The trail we went on, Kiwanis Trail, was recommended by the park ranger. Because of the hot weather and us being tourists, he wanted to make sure we’d “survive”. He sent us out on a short hike of 2.5 mile round trip. Although short, it was a nice hike that had a little incline with a valley view.





When we were done, we followed the crowd up to the Dobbins Lookout. Apparently, we were the only ones crazy enough to hike in this weather. Driving up the windy mountain and to the top, we soon located where everyone was driving to (and not hiking). It was all for the viewpoint of the city.

Dobbins Overlook

Dobbins Lookout



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