Cathedral Rock Sedona


Our second hiking adventure in Red Rock Country was at Cathedral Rock. As it sounds, the red rocks we climbed up to is known for its resemblance to a cathedral. It’s not a surprise why this spot is popular. The views from the bottom of the Cathedral Rock was amazing, but the views up top were breathtaking. To get up top was a bit of rock climbing and scrambling. Nick called me “Spider Woman” because apparently I was scrambling up the rock in that manner. It was fun, until we reached the most challenging part towards the end before reaching the very top, where the only way up is to climb and wedge your feet into the tight crevice of the mountain. This posed a threat to my newly healed ankle, so I stopped there and let Nick explore the rest. It was tempting and I knew I could climb it but didn’t want to risk pulling my ankle again. Nevertheless, Nick saw it and took lots of pictures from up top. Other tourists even took photos of him for us.





At the top of the cathedral on one of the rocks.


This turned out to be one of our favorite hikes on the trip. Sedona is just beautiful and a very cool place. We’re glad we took the time out to see it.



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