Tom’s Thumb

Start of the hike

Start of the hike

Tom’s Thumb, in Scottsdale, was another steep hike we did with lots of switch backs. Being our last hike, this turned out to be our favorite one along with Cathedral Rock. A much less crowded trail and nicely groomed, I didn’t have to worry so much about jagged rocks like I did on Piestewa Peak. This hike was a little longer at 5 miles roundtrip and about the same elevation gain as Piestewa Peak but not as taxing on my ankle.



The goal of the hike was to reach Tom’s Thumb, a towering slab of rock that resembles a thumb. It took us some time to find the leading trail to Tom’s Thumb because once you get close, there are no signs to point you in that direction.




Alas, we finally reached the thumb and explored the area and views around there.

Tom's Thumb

Tom’s Thumb



Beautiful sunset on our way back to the car.

On the way back to the car.

Back at the car, we saw a little bunny. They were all over the place.

Back at the car, we saw bunnies all over the place.



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