Now that we’ve been back to juicing, I want to share a simple healthy juice that we currently drink daily. This juice consists of only four ingredients. I find that the less ingredient you use, the easier and less time-consuming it is to juice. And it’s better on your digestion when you have less ingredients.

Organic Healthy Juice

142 g baby kale (I buy pre-washed kale to save me some time.)

2 heads of celery

2 cucumbers

1 lemon

Makes 5 – 6 cups with the Omega Juicer

Juice and enjoy immediately. This will last in the fridge for one day, but drinking fresh is best. This juice is refreshing and hydrating. As you can see, I use no apples so it’s not sweet. If you want it sweet, you may want to add some apples.


Now I want to share some tips on juicing: First, you have to invest in a good juicer. Having a juicer that doesn’t waste ingredients will ensure you are getting the most out of your juices. We use the Omega Juicer because it’s a horizontal juicer that masticates the vegetables slowly. This squeezes everything out of our vegetables and it doesn’t heat up the juice. Our juices come out cold because of the way it juices. We’ve used a fast vertical juicer (those centrifugal ones) before and noticed the juice heats up, it doesn’t juice as efficiently, so less juice at the end, and it creates a mess and is harder to clean. Second, when you know you’re juicing a lot, buy in bulk. You get a 10% discount from stores when you buy by the case. Buying at the farmers market in bulk will help you save even more. Also, this allows you to have a full fridge which will cost you less money on electricity because a full fridge uses less energy. Those of you who live in a house will have the luxury of storing an extra fridge. We only have the one, so we’re limited to what we can buy bulk.


Pack that fridge in. I use a shortcut by using pre-washed greens for our smoothies and salads. It may cost more but it really does help save time, which is so invaluable to me.

And lastly, if you’re wondering what to do with all of the pulp, you can use it to make raw veggie crackers by adding other ingredients to it and blending it down further and then dehydrating it. If I make this one day, I’ll share the recipe and details in a another post.


4 thoughts on “Juicing

  1. Look at that fridge….You definitely need another one to store fresh fruit. I love the champaigne mango and it is in the season. Thai mango dessert, mango shake, mango with cereal….

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and photos!

    • For us, it’s mostly another fridge for more greens. We don’t really store a whole lot of fruit in the fridge because we eat it all really fast. We do store a lot of frozen berries for our smoothies, but it’s not a problem. I buy 40 lb. cases of bananas and leave them on the dining table and counter to wait for them to get really ripe before we eat them, but we eat them all pretty quick.

      Champaigne mangoes are good, but I always have a hard time finding organic ones. I had sticky rice and mango last weekend and it was so good!

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