Got Dates?

Dates are another staple fruit in my diet. I love making date smoothies or just snacking on them. Dates are rich in fiber, B vitamins and minerals. And I love that they are high in sugar, calories and carbs, which fuels me before and replenishes me after high intensity workouts. I don’t purchase dates out of the bin in stores anymore because I prefer them super fresh, moist and plump. Lucky for me, California has some of the best dates around. I order mine online and get it the next day, picked fresh from the farm. I’m currently sampling the different dates around the State. So far, my least favorite is from Del Real Dates from Salinas, CA. And my current favorite is my recent purchase from Oasis Date Gardens in Thermal, CA. Their dates are just how I like it: sweet, moist, plump. I buy 5 pounds worth to last me through 3 weeks. My next purchase will soon be with MedjoolDates from the Sun Garden Store in Bard, CA. I can’t wait to try it since I’ve heard great reviews.

Where do you get your dates? Do you have a favorite farm you get it from? I’d love to know!

Today, I’d like to share a simple smoothie recipe I am currently enjoying for my first lunch.

Plump and soft. It just oozes when I pull it apart to remove the pit.

Plump and soft. It just oozes when I pull it apart to remove the pit.

Organic StrawNana-Date Smoothie

5 fresh Medjool Dates, pitted

2 large, very ripe (brown, spotty and fluffy) bananas

1 – 1 1/2 C strawberries

4 – 5 C spring water

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Another smoothie I like to make is the Datorade. It consist of 10 dates and 750 mL water. When blended up, the drink is frothy and like a milkshake. I just love it. It is so yummy!



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