Santa Cruz


We recently came back from our trip in Northern California. Our first stop was in Santa Cruz. On the first day, we strolled the popular Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Santa Cruz Wharf. Joining the hubbub of families with kids and college students, we joined in on some of the action, playing a few of the games where we could win a Despicable Me Minion doll.



This didn’t happen, so we left the boardwalk and went over to the Wharf where the chilly breeze slapped my skin around until I couldn’t handle it no more.


The weather on the second day was just beautiful, except a little chilly for me. We hung out at the Lighthouse Field State Beach, watching surfers catch the wave at Steamers Lane, then enjoyed the views at Natural Bridges State Beach and cruised down the residential coast.

Lighthouse Field State Beach

Lighthouse Field State Beach

Steamers Lane

Steamers Lane

Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges State Beach


Later that evening we went to our favorite restaurant, Cafe Gratitude, in Santa Cruz. The menu is smaller and a little different but still just as good as the Venice or Larchmont location in LA. The highlight of our meal was the dessert. I had a scoop of raw coconut ice cream drizzled with raw chocolate sauce, and Nick had a raw chocolate layered cake which he devoured in delight. We left and ended our night with chocolate euphoria.

A yummy dessert always puts a big smile on me!

A yummy dessert always puts a smile on me!




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