The Mystery Spot


An interesting visit in Santa Cruz was to The Mystery Spot. There’s a place in the redwood forest, just outside the main tourist area of Santa Cruz, where a gravitational anomaly exists. Within this area of the forest, the laws of physics and gravity are questioned. You’d have to come and see it for yourself to experience the feeling of this mysterious place.

As we walked up to the mystery spot, we found that we were being pulled down. It felt harder than usual to walk up a hill. It wasn’t a strenuous feeling like huffing and puffing, but rather a feeling like a force was pushing against you as you tried to move forward.

When we got to the mystery spot, no matter which way we stood, our weight was on our heels. So although we were standing straight, our bodies tilted forward.


When we finally entered the little house, we felt disoriented. There was a strong pull towards one side of the cabin; it was difficult to walk straight across the room. And since I was wearing a pair of Toms, my shoes couldn’t grip the wood. I slid towards the pull and felt like I was falling. I was one of the people who needed to use the handle rail to walk forward as I was being sucked in towards the pull; however, Nick was able to walk over to the side of the pull and experience it further.

Although Nick stood straight, his weight on his heels, but his body tilted forward.

Although Nick stood straight, his weight was on his heels and his body tilted forward.

Nick hung from the bars above this doorway and his body was pulled at an angle instead of straight down.

Nick hung from the bars above this doorway and his body was pulled at an angle instead of straight down.

The pendulum swung easily towards the wall and to the sides without any restriction, but when Nick tried swinging it forward, it was restrained by a force.

I asked him if he had to push hard. He said, “Yes. It felt like I was pushing it up instead of forward because there was that much resistance.”


Another strange thing about this spot of the forest is that there are no wildlife. Even the redwood trees that grow there don’t grow branches on both sides like they usually do to balance out their trunks. Instead, the branches grow only on one side, pointing away from the mystery spot. And the eucalyptus trees that are present in this part of the forest don’t grow straight when they usually do.

See the eucalyptus trees grown at an angle? Some of the redwoods are tilted as well.

See the eucalyptus trees grown at an angle? 

This was a cool visit, but the tour wasn’t so great because they cram too many people all at once and you don’t have much time experiencing and exploring the mystery spot. Besides that, the experience was still worth the visit. We both left the Mystery Spot with our heads scrambled and the enigma of the place left us perplexed. Scientists have also come out and examined the place but left with unanswered questions. And to this day, no one else has been able to explain this anomaly.

Our tour guide stands slanted at the entrance of the cabin.

Our tour guide stands straight but is slanted and pulled to his left.



4 thoughts on “The Mystery Spot

  1. Very interesting discovery! I have to visit that mystery spot when I am in the area. Thanks for sharing, Angie.

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