While visiting Santa Cruz, we stayed in the neighboring town of Capitola. Our bed and breakfast was within walking distance to the beach and wharf and we took this opportunity to stroll through the picturesque village. Colorful cottages line the beachfront adding charm to this low-key beach town. We enjoyed the vibe and scenery much better than Santa Cruz for this reason.


Besides visiting the beach village, we took a walk to meet and have lunch with Alice Keys. Alice is a fellow blogger and author I met through WordPress while we lived abroad. I’ve had the pleasure to read the first book, Claire de Lune, of her young adult series. If you’re into werewolves, check out her series. I had fun reading her book. She has an art to storytelling and her writing style is admirable.



We met Alice at Dharma’s, an organic vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Nick and I both ordered the massive breakfast burrito and devoured it all since we hadn’t eaten much breakfast. It was delicious and hearty; it kept us full for hours, causing us to have a late dinner.


Vegan Breakfast Burrito: potatoes, scrambled tofu, avocado, beans, green onions, salsa, and a side of salad.

We talked for a good while with Alice and when we wrapped things up, I pulled out my copy of Claire de Lune for Alice to sign. It was a pleasure meeting her in person. We’ve been communicating over WordPress ever since last December when we moved to Berlin. Coincidentally, Alice was also living in France while we were there and we had our share of stories over lunch. We thought we had it rough in France, but I think Alice may have us beat. We’re glad she and her family are out of France and back living in Santa Cruz/Capitola. And I’m glad I got a chance to meet her in person.




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