Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach

We visited Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach, two coastal beach towns in Northern California. We were surprised by how different it is from other beach towns in California. Through San Mateo County, we drove on State Route 92 to the destination, stopping in Half Moon Bay first. On this drive, we drove over what seemed like a mini mountain pass and the scenery changed from warm, bright and sunny, to low misty clouds, gloom and cold temperatures. Entering the verdant town, we saw fields of small Christmas trees and leafy green crops. Surrounded by dry rolling hills in Agoura Hills, I wasn’t used to seeing so much green and lush vegetation in California; it reminded me a little of the scenery of Orcas Island in Washington.

Redondo Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Redondo Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Redondo Beach

I was relieved to have brought my zip-up hoody since I wore only capris and a halter top. Despite so, when we stepped out of the car to take in the scenery of Redondo Beach, I was blasted by the cold and couldn’t tolerate the thought of hiking down to the beach for a walk. Instead, we explored the scenery for a short moment and headed north to Moss Beach.


Moss Beach looked no different from Half Moon Bay with the fog and mist. We visited the Moss Beach Distillery situated on top of the cliff above the beach. We didn’t actually go in because neither of us wanted a libation, but I got to see the haunted bar in the flesh. If I was guaranteed a paranormal experience, I’d probably take a drink for it, but no matter haunted or not, I’ve learned that ghosts don’t always appear on command, and especially when there’s a loud house full of people.

Moss Beach. The white building is the haunted Moss Beach Distillery.

Moss Beach. The white building is the haunted Moss Beach Distillery.




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