The Filming of Sullivan & Son


From left to right: Owen Benjamin, Christine Ebersole, Brian Doyle-Murray, Vivian Bang, Jodi Long, Steve Byrne, Dan Lauria, Valeria Azlynn, Ahmed Ahmed, and Roy Wood, Jr.

Yesterday we returned to Warner Brothers Studio to watch the filming of the last episode of season three of Sullivan and Son. We actually don’t watch this show because we don’t watch TV and don’t have even basic cable, but we wanted to attend a filming of a show and made Sullivan & Son our selection. This show captured our interest because it stars Steve Byrne, a comedian we’ve watched before and found his stand-ups funny and entertaining. After learning about the show, we watched several clips of it online and found it good and funny.

The show is created by Steve Byrne himself, along with Rob Long, and is executive-produced by Vince Vaughn. It’s an American comedy about a corporate lawyer, Steve Sullivan (played by Steve Byrne), who leaves his job to take over his father’s bar in Pittsburgh. Just like Steve Byrne, the character Steve Sullivan is half Korean, half Irish. The whole cast is awesome and is a diverse cast. Steve’s mother (Ok Cha) in the show is played by Jodi Long, and she does a spectacular job playing an older Korean woman who conveys characteristics of a Korean mom. I think some Asian viewers, especially Koreans and Chinese, can relate to the show because it is similar to how some Asian mothers act. I think they touch on this pretty accurately.

Other characters include Steve Sullivan’s sister, Susan (Vivian Bang) and Steve’s father (Dan Lauria from Wonder Years). Then there’s Steve’s childhood friends: Owen Benjamin as Owen Walsh, Roy Wood, Jr. as Roy Williams, Jr., and Ahmed Ahmed as Ahmed Nassar. All three friends are funny in their own way, but dopey, man-child Owen is the funniest in my opinion. In addition, the regulars at the bar include, Brian Doyle-Murray as Hank Murphy, the guy who spews out rude and racist remarks; Christine Ebersole as Carol Walsh, who plays Owen’s mom and has sex often on her mind; and lastly, Valerie Azlynn, an EMT and Steve’s love interest, as Melanie Sutton.

It was fun and interesting to see the whole production of the filming. We had a great time watching. We saw the director, actors, and everyone involved at work. (We even saw Vince Vaughn!) It’s amazing how much work and effort it takes behind the scenes. We were there for five hours, and that’s not counting waiting time. You don’t realize how many scenes they redo and take until it is perfect for the director. They film in short chunks, breaking each scene down. Actors have to sometimes redo a scene in the middle of their lines or say a different line if the director/producer thinks of another line to add in at the moment. Sometimes they’ll redo a scene by positioning the actors a little off to one side or having them stand in a different direction. It all depends on how it plays on-screen. The whole production, from the guys who film the show, the extras in the background, to the whole crew running the show, it’s all a lot of effort and time put into filming just one episode.

If you don’t already watch Sullivan & Son, check out a clip or an episode on TBS. If you want a good laugh, check out their last episode from season two. That was a good one.



10 thoughts on “The Filming of Sullivan & Son

  1. my sister is the costume designer on the “new girl” so perhaps next season you can check out the filming of one of the shows…

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