A Busy Month

Thanks to those checking in with me. Nick and I have been quite busy since July. In brief, what’s eating up Nick’s time these days is a new start-up he’s co-founding that will be based in India. He’s on a timeline, with a deadline in November/December. What this means for us in the future–if all goes well–is that we’ll probably be moving abroad again. Our possible destinations include Chiang Mai or Bangkok, Thailand, or even perhaps Berlin again. Everything is not concrete at this point without knowing where this new start-up is going to take us. For all we know, it can be a bust. No matter what it may be, we’re just happy to try another opportunity; however, it will probably be our last go with a start-up.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy finishing up my first draft of my novel. My goal was to get it done by this coming Thursday, before the first of our next three trips starting this Friday. Turns out, I accomplished this goal well before my self-appointed deadline. As of yesterday, I now have a completed first draft of my novel for the first time! Taking Stephen King’s advice from On Writing, I am going to take a six-week break from it before I start editing. The point is to not think about my book and work on something else so that when I return to the editing, the story will be like new to me and I will have a fresh pair of eyes to edit.

Besides working on my book, I’ve had a couple of amigurumi projects that I’ve finished for gifts, and I’ve been working on a vegan cookbook. After many recipe ideas and a whole lot of cooking dinners, we finally have enough recipes for a cookbook. With Nick’s help, I will be working on the book content during this six-week break from my novel, in addition to lots of reading and studying up on how to make my writing better, as well as having a strategic plan on how to edit my novel. I have plans to edit an old short story and submit it for publication as well and will be brainstorming another novel idea.

Below is Little Big Foot Elephant I made for my sister’s birthday. It was a lot of work, but the most fun crochet I’ve done so far.


One of the dinner recipes that will be in the cookbook.

One of the dinner recipes that will be in the cookbook.

Now, we are in need of a little break. For the next week and a half, we’ll surely relish our time off.

I’ll talk to you all again in early September!



2 thoughts on “A Busy Month

  1. you would surely enjoy living in chiang mai for awhile….the bird’s nest is a way cool vegan hangout there…and you could take one of your side trips to my favorite thai village up in the mountains…mae hong son…where you can ride bareback on an elephant, take a longtail boatride down the pai river to the longneck village, eat awesome vegan meals for $3, and stay for $10 a night at princes guesthouse overlooking beautiful jong kham lake and the buddhist temple…good luck with the novel and short story…and if you want an independent reader to check it out, just let me know…

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