Catalina Island


We recently spent our anniversary at Catalina Island this year. Compared to our trip to Rome last year, this celebration was more low-key and relaxing. Catalina is over an hour-long ferry ride from Long Beach, and once you’re there, there are numerous activities to do.


Catalina Casino in the background. It’s not really a casino, but rather an entertainment and cultural center.



We stayed in the main area of the island and explored this touristy part on the first and second day. On the second day, we went to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens, which was further up on the island, away from the main tourist attractions. We walked and explored the garden, stopped on a bench to snack on raisins before our stroll to the memorial, where we enjoyed the view from up top.



Catalina has several, very small beaches; though, we didn’t bask under the sun like some did for peace and relaxation. Instead, we went to Catalina Sea Spa and got a couples massage. Great decision, it was the best massages we’ve gotten and one of the most relaxing anniversary spent. Catalina was a good choice this year, and when we left on the third day, it was more than enough time to be on this small island.


One of the smaller beaches in the main area. Descanso Beach, past the Casino, is the largest of them all.

Rooftop from our hotel.

Photo taken from the rooftop of our hotel.



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