Old Town San Diego: A Historical and Haunted Place


After visiting Catalina Island, we went straight to San Diego. On the first day, Old Town San Diego was one of the places we visited. Old Town is a historic place, the birthplace of California, and now an active paranormal site. Known for its rich history since 1850 and a well-visited place by locals and tourists, many people come here to browse, to be fed and entertained. A lot of the old buildings still stand today, but some have been renovated.


Our first visit to the Old Town was during the day, but we returned a different night for a ghost tour led by a paranormal investigator that made an appearance on Ghost Adventures. We remember the episode clearly the two times the Ghost Adventures crew came to Old Town to investigate, and I was happy we were able to visit the two haunted sites they investigated: Cosmopolitan Hotel and Whaley House.


We went inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel after hours and was able to explore for a bit. Nick felt something unusual when he walked into static, a tingly sensation that touched one of his arms while walking around in the dining room area. I tried touching around where Nick stood and he tried to feel it again, but it dissipated and could no longer be found. Then immediately, I thought I felt a cold spot that came and went. Michael, the investigator, thought it could have been the spirit of Isadora, the little girl who resides there, because of the height of where it touched Nick. He says that’s usually the feeling you come across when you “touch” a spirit. Who really knows if this was true or not. We didn’t have equipment to verify and also because we didn’t spend a whole lot of time there to explore, being that it was a tour, not an investigation.


Whaley House

The Whaley House is known to be one of America’s most haunted houses. Although we didn’t actually go inside the Whaley House, we did visit outside the property grounds, the backside of the house where a criminal, Yankee Jim Robinson, was lynched. Besides these two properties, we visited a cemetery and other sites of Old Town, where unexplained events occur. One interesting thing we did while on the tour was detecting a vortex in an outside area near a tree, to the side of the Whaley House. This is supposedly a site where spirits travel to and from. Michael used a K2 meter, which is a scientific measurement device that can detect spikes in electro magnetic energy or electromagnetic field (EMF). When EMF is detected, the device lights up and makes sound. Man made EMF holds a steady reading, while the spirit world energy creates impulse readings that can be at higher hertz.


I volunteered to hold the device and find the vortex. I walked around and everyone followed me until the meter made a continual, non-breaking beeping sound, which indicated I had “found” the spot of the vortex. The meter also lit up all the way to the right, to 20 Hz and up, meaning there was large spikes of EMF. As this happened, Michael had us press our hands to that spot where the meter detected the reading. I felt pulsations and tingliness on my hands; Nick felt only tingliness, while others felt heat, pressure, or nothing at all. If you watch any kind of paranormal investigations, you’ll know all about the k2 meter and how it’s built, how it functions, as well as its validity. It was pretty interesting, but quite a tease for me, as I would have liked to do a real thorough investigation.


One evening when a couple was strolling through this part of Old Town, they saw someone in the window on the second floor. They reported it to security since it was after hours and no one should be there. Turned out, there is no second floor. That whole section is just a facade of the building. There is no way to get up there.

Whether you want good Mexican food, enjoy history, or believe in ghosts, Old Town is worth checking out. If you’re interested in a ghost tour with Michael, head to Fiesta de Reyes by the fountain for further information on night tour times.




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