San Diego Downtown Pier


Although I’ve been to San Diego a long time ago, I never explored downtown area. This time around, Nick and I had the chance to explore different parts of downtown; and the pier was a really nice area. Because the city is smaller and more laid-back with the San Diego Bay, it reminded us a little of low-key, small-city Seattle with the Puget Sound, a blend of SoCal and my birth city is a little like what San Diego is to me. I’ve come to like the city a lot — in some ways even better than LA.

Coronado Bridge

Coronado Bridge

One of the days we visited the USS Midway Museum, an old aircraft carrier along the Navy Pier. We spent several hours there before walking along the pier, then to SeaPort Village, a waterfront shopping and dining complex that’s adjacent to the San Diego Bay.

USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum



F-14 Tomcat that was used in Top Gun.




One great thing we really like about San Diego is that because it’s a smaller city, driving from point A to B is much quicker than in LA area. We didn’t have to deal with as much traffic, and the laid-back vibe is opposite to the sometimes overwhelming hustle and bustle of LA. We definitely enjoyed the vibe in San Diego better. It reminded us of Seattle, making us a little nostalgic of our former home. But the great thing about San Diego is that there’s sunshine. We have no idea where home will be in the much later future for us, but San Diego is definitely on the list for possible places we might want to call “home”.



2 thoughts on “San Diego Downtown Pier

  1. i love taking the train from union station in LA to downtown san diego to see a baseball game and to party afterwards in the gas lamp district…the train goes right along the coast and there are times you are almost in the surf…the sunset train ride is awesome!

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