San Diego Beaches

We checked out some of San Diego’s popular beaches while visiting, even stayed on one of them on the private beach and island of Paradise Point on Mission Bay. It was nice staying on this little island because of its central location, but unfortunately we didn’t take advantage of the activities provided by the resort because we were too busy exploring the city.


Paradise Point

We had dinner one evening in Point Loma and Ocean Beach area, so we decided to catch sunset at Ocean Beach. We enjoyed walking barefoot on the soft sand, taking in the beautiful pink and orange horizon, and people watching. This neighborhood of San Diego is eccentric and was lively for a Tuesday evening. It isn’t hard to find a bar and have a drink in this area. The plot of land adjacent to the beach is lined with local breweries, bars, and restaurants. And besides libations and food, a tattoo shop is not hard to find, either. It seems tattoos are popular with the crowd at “OB”.


Ocean Beach

Mission Beach is the place to be, so it seems. A white sandy beach, with a walk and bike path, it is the only beach in San Diego that has an amusement park (Belmont Park) on its premise. We strolled the boardwalk, scoping out beachfront homes, and then watched guys surfing the Flowbarrel, a world-famous man-made wave at Wavehouse.


Mission Beach

I have to say my favorite beach spot is at La Jolla. We both agreed it’s a great little spot. We ate lunch in the neighborhood, walking around downtown area and then on the beach rocks near La Jolla Cove. Being there made us want to go for a swim but we hadn’t planned for that — something we both regretted. The little cove where people swam at was so enticing, but all we could do was watch. Grey seals were all over the place, sharing the sand with human swimmers. We watched the seals bask under the sun, some barking out loud, while others swam or took afternoon naps.


La Jolla


It’s hard to see, but besides the three seals on the beach, there are a clan of them taking shade next to the rock border.







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