Vegan Meal Highlights from San Diego

Out of the four places we ate at in San Diego, two of them stood out to us. The first one was dinner at Ranchos Mexican and Vegetarian Restaurant, while we were out in Point Loma and Ocean Beach neighborhood. Seeing that we were down south, we knew we had to try a Mexican fare. We picked Ranchos because of their vegan menu and the fact that they are mostly organic and are conscious enough to not cross contaminate vegan food with their non-vegan dishes.

Nick and I both had a vegan burrito, which was delicious and low in oil. After having our burrito we could have done without dessert, but Nick had his eyes on the vegan pancakes. We haven’t had pancakes since when we lived in Paris, so I agreed on having them. It turned out to be the highlight of our meal — and the best pancakes ever. Sweet and a strong cinnamon taste to it, the maple syrup was the icing on the cake. It felt weird to be having pancakes after eating burritos, as well as having it in a Mexican restaurant, but as we were devouring the goodness and getting amusing looks from other diners, all I could think to them was, “You guys are missing out.”



The picture doesn’t do it justice. You’d have to taste it to know how good it is.

The other place I’d like to highlight is Green and Lean Cafe at La Jolla. Tucked away in a business building, this cute little organic cafe is healthy “fast food.” It was the perfect place to have lunch on a hot day when all I wanted was a smoothie and a salad. What we liked about this place is that it really is healthy by our standards, as they provide no oil options and the freedom to create your own salad without unhealthy dressings.


Nick had a bowl that came with brown rice, quinoa, black beans, steamed kale and salsa. He enjoyed it very much, as this is something he enjoys having for lunch sometimes.


My salad was a combination of mixed greens, tomatoes, corn, artichokes, olives, mushrooms and salsa as dressing. With my salad meal, I enjoyed a berry smoothie that was the same recipe we drink at home.


Nowadays we are becoming more picky about what and where we eat, but these two places weren’t too bad. I’d say Green and Lean Cafe is more in line with how we eat, but Ranchos was a nice treat.




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