Big Bear Castle Rock

Over Labor Day weekend, we took a nature trip out to Big Bear for some fresh air and recreational activities. Big Bear is two and a half hours away from us and is a small town up at a high elevation of 7,000 feet. We rode up a windy mountain pass to get there and couldn’t imagine driving up during the wintertime when there’s lots of snow.

On our first day at Big Bear, we settled on doing a hike. Castle Rock was the trail we selected based on its popularity.

Beginning of the trail

Beginning of the trail

On this trail, a myriad of giant rocks in all shapes and sizes greeted us on the walk. We had fun by climbing some of them, while Nick jumped from rock to rock, and I snuggled into large crevices. It was a world of rocks in a forest, and we acted like big kids in a playground.






When we reached the top of Castle Rock, we understood why it’s called “Castle Rock”. Like a castle, the rock tower was massive and we decided on climbing to the summit of the castle. Precariously, we made our way up top. I stayed just below the highest peak of rocks because my short legs couldn’t climb it and let alone jump down from it. Even Nick had a little challenge jumping off of the rock when he was done taking in the view.




We stayed just after sunset, descending as we tried to beat the dark but didn’t quite make it. Towards the end of the trail, the forest had engulfed us with quiet darkness. Our precarious footsteps made us slow down even more and we lingered just a little longer in the dark. When I could, I pulled out my iPhone and used the flashlight app to guide us out of the dark and out of Castle Rock forest.



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