Big Bear Snow Summit

On our second day of Big Bear, we took on a challenge and got an awesome workout. We decided to go mountain biking at Snow Summit. But instead of taking the lift up to the summit, we rode to the top ourselves. The base elevation is at 7,000 feet, and the summit elevation is at 8,200 feet. With a lift, it would only take 15 minutes to the top, but riding our bikes to the top took us an hour with water breaks. We were the only ones who “cheated” the system and didn’t pay for a day pass. But we rode up top fair and square without a lift, so there was no need for us to buy a pass after all.

Town Trail, the start of the climb.

Town Trail, the start of the climb. Base elevation: 7,000 feet.

First water break, view of Big Bear Lake and Big Bear Solar Observatory.

First water break, view of Big Bear Lake and Big Bear Solar Observatory.

We made it up top to Snow Summit!

We made it up top to Snow Summit! 8,200 feet.

Once up top the summit, we biked on a few trails. Grandview Trail was one of them, an easier trail with some uphill climbs and great views. At the end of the trail, we enjoyed the scenery at Grand View Point. This was a resting point for us as we took shade, rehydrated, and took pictures.

Grand View Point

Grand View Point, 8,657 feet.


After this we hit the trails and biked some more, connecting onto other trails, riding until dinnertime. It was a thrill and we had an awesome time. When we rode back down the same way we came up, it was just as much of a workout riding over loose rocks. And just like runner’s high, we ended the day with “mountain-biking-high”. This was definitely the highlight of our trip.



2 thoughts on “Big Bear Snow Summit

  1. This looks like a day well spent! I’m moving to California from Israel soon and I’m a huge fan of hiking trips. Are there any other good outdoor paths in Cali you could recommend?

    • It depends where in California you’re moving to. Yosemite up north is a great place to hike and explore nature, as well as the Red Woods. I live in Southern California, LA area, and there are so many hikes to explore here: San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga State Park, and so much more. California is a big place, so there are no shortages of hikes. You won’t have a problem finding one online or even in a hiking book in the area.

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